Hygiene, Mikrobiologie und Umweltmedizin

The Diagnostic and Research Institute of Hygiene, Microbiology and Environmental Medicine is part of the Diagnostic and Research Center for Molecular Biomedicine. Our institute is responsible for research and education in the area of infectious disease. In line with our scientific mission, we conduct microbiological diagnostics for patients and undertake tasks to prevent infection.

Integrated into the research areas of the center is our infectious disease research, which focuses on developing new diagnostics and analyzing mechanisms of disease and immune defense.

Our diagnostic and research activities permit the combination of practice-oriented and research-guided education for students of medical disciplines and the natural sciences.

Ivo Steinmetz

"Our research into infectious disease is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and international cooperation. A broad spectrum of scientific methods guarantees a high standard of quality in teaching and microbiological diagnostics."

Ivo Steinmetz, Head of Institute

Institute secretary

Christine Rechling-Castro 
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T: +43 316 385 73612

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